Forever Yours – Minimalist luxury

Bali Interiors- Forever Yours
Bali Interiors- Forever Yours
Bali Interiors- Forever Yours
Bali Interiors- Forever Yours
Bali Interiors- Forever Yours
Bali Interiors- Forever Yours
Bali Interiors- Forever Yours
Bali Interiors- Forever Yours
Bali Interiors- Forever You- skincare
Bali Interiors- Forever Yours
Bali Interiors- Forever Yours- skincare
Bali Interiors- Forever Yours
Bali Interiors- Forever Yours

Forever Yours

I remember driving past Forever Yours once and seeing the store. I glanced over quickly and swiftly realized that I have not seen a shop like this is in Bali before. This was something else. I absolutely had to check it out.

But before I would do so, I wanted to make sure I had time. I didn’t want to rush in and out of it. This store wasn’t like any other store, I needed time to take it all in and really appreciate it for what it is.

When I walked in, I felt like I was somewhere in Europe. The design was so sleek, so minimal, so sharp. It was a far cry from the boho Bali style that we are so accustomed to see. It was in fact the complete opposite. It had me at hello.

The façade with the glass windows and iron joins imposes itself but also allows you to see the interior straight away giving you the transparency to invite you in.

The shop is a simple designed. A square all marble table is the displayer, the point of the sales desk, the place to wash your hands (yes has a sink in it), and also it even has a curved bench within in to sit and let someone apply and show you the good-looking products. The whole table is illuminated by another marble box that sits above it and is the exact size and shape as the main table. The two marble structures symbiotically designed allow you to focus on one thing and one thing only, space within. And what sits within the space are the products. It’s a play on space or rather lack of. It’s intelligent. It’s stunning.

 It has simplicity, functionality, ergonomics and the wow factor all in one. I later found out that the store was designed by no other than Alexis Dornier – the brilliant German born Architect currently residing in Bali. Of course, this makes complete sense. An icon in the making could come with nothing short of genius.

This store is luxurious in the best of ways and the beauty/care products reflected it. How lovely is to have a store like this in Bali. A place where you can go and buy the most exquisite beauty products- all made in Bali. Everything is so refined and beautiful, just like the owner and creator herself.

Souhela is meticulous with her products and knows them inside out. She imagines them, creates them, designs them, and brings them to fruition. It’s clearly her love and passion and you can tell so as she explains to you the different products she sells. I have to admit I have the cleansing exfoliating cream and it is such a beautiful product that leaves my skin ultra-clean and glowing after using it. I felt in love with it so much I came back to buy the daily face wash. I think I’m hooked on Forever Yours.

Stores like this, with their beautiful products filled with care, and, as well as insanely ergonomically designed makes me so proud of living in this small island. The amount of talent and love for the art, no matter what that is, is forever enriching and inspiring me.



Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 48. Canggu

Store Design: Alexis Dornier
Photography and Words: Sheila Man


  1. Andrew Ellul January 31, 2020

    Is that the only store?A store in Australia?

    1. baliinteriors January 31, 2020

      Hi Andrew, there’s also one in Ubud. Not sure if they have a store in Aus.


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