FIKA feels different. Upon entering the eatery, I no longer feel like I’m in Bali, instead I am transported to Australia, Sweden or any first world country, where things are easy, clean and free from humidity and all things tropical. The space is very international, but like the owner, it also is very Scandinavian. All the aesthetically pleasing furniture was designed by the owners and custom-made in Bali. Gorgeous tables with marble tops were cut from one big slab and look perfect. Teak wood has been used for the chairs, benches and counter, allowing the space to flow seamlessly.






Minimalistic in design, FIKA features only 5 intense photographs. The clothes hanger displays two gorgeous fabrics transmitting a sense of comfort and ease. To create beautiful lighting in the space, they have installed massive black-framed windows that look superb.


FIKA in Swedish means coffee break. In Sweden FIKA involves usually eating something sweet. Traditionally, 7 cookies or pastries with a cup of coffee or tea.




FIKA has created a breakfast/lunch menu with 7 sweet dishes and 7 savoury dishes. Fortunately, FIKA is also open for dinner and offers a mouthwatering menu. The food, like the space, was fresh, tidy and comforting. Although Scandinavian, FIKA’s menu reminds me a lot of Sydney cafes. I now know where to go when I’m feeling nostalgic and needing a dose of city living.


You can find FIKA in Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu.

Next to the entrance to The Practice




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