Expat is a pocket-sized coffee shop and coffee retailer located in Seminyak.



This small coffee brewer doesn’t just deliver any old coffee. Expat roasters produce their own coffee from the ground up. Made in Bali from the finest local products, their coffee is sourced from beans around the globe. And if you are having a great coffee in a different coffee shop, chances are you are enjoying an Expat roast.



The shop itself is beautifully done. The inside is minimal but very strong in concept and execution. The back concrete wall with a carved logo draws you right in. The side walls with a long horizontal mirror and led lights add excitement and clean lines. Although the apple green ceiling is not something that would normally work, it ties together well with their exterior leaf pattern and staff uniforms.




Their merchandise is absolutely stunning, with ceramic pots and cups, and almost clinical coffee bean glass chemistry tubes. Even their coffee machine is beautiful and perfectly suited to the space and vibe of the store.


The front outdoor area brings the tropical into Expat with muted leaf pattern ceramic tiles dressing the back of the seating and used for the bench tops. The combination of these patterns, deck flooring and concrete makes for a clean, modern and very stylish coffee brewer.



Jalan Kayu Cendana,

Block C003, Seminyak




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