Escape Haven, An Award Winning Luxury Women’s Retreat in Bali

Escape Haven, an award winning luxury women’s retreat in Bali


“As women, we are so busy filling up everyone else’s tank that we forget to fill our own. One week is all it takes to allow you to re-discover the very best version of you and replenish your inner glow”


That saying above couldn’t be more true! If you’re a woman seeking a short getaway from your day-to-day life, Escape Haven, a luxury women’s retreat in Bali, is perfect for you! They offer various retreat packages, each one focusing on different activities such as surfing, yoga, Ayurveda, detoxing, healing and even sailing on a luxury yacht! Whether you’re craving action and adventure, or needing rest and rejuvenation (or a combination of both!), there’s something for everyone.


With an emphasis on creating an ideal retreat sanctuary environment, Escape Haven combines their deep-rooted approach to wellness with purpose-built facilities and luxury accommodation.⁠

escape haven women's retreat bali
escape haven luxury women's retreat bali

 A luxury retreat in Bali that caters to women of all backgrounds



Who would’ve thought that one of the best luxury retreats in Bali could be hidden in a quiet area in bustling Canggu! Recently, Escape Haven teamed up with My Shrine Designs and expanded their retreat sanctuary to host more women. They’ve added a Coconut lounge, a spa, a sunken seating area with a firepit, as well as several extra rooms.


At Escape Haven, every room is inspired after different Hindu Goddesses. One room is inspired by Kali, who is considered to be the Goddess of ultimate power, time, and transformation. ⁠She is the energy inside of you that is wild, empowered and loving. Another room is inspired by Usha, a Vedic Hindu goddess of dawn. Usha is regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness, and is associated with light and wealth.⁠ 

coconut lounge at escape haven retreat bali
room at escape haven bali retreat
escape haven bali retreat room

For the interiors, My Shrine plays with a lot of colours, patterns, and textures. Since each room has a different theme, they each have different colours. For example, the room that’s inspired after Usha is dominated by neutral colours with a pop of blue for the soft furnishings. My favourite part of each room has got to be the unique headboards and the opulent wallpaper. When it comes to decorating spaces, wallpaper is an easy and effective way to add colour, pattern and texture. The right wallpaper can totally transform the feel of the room!

escape haven canggu retreat
luxury women's retreat bali
bathroom at escape haven women's retreat bali
spa at escape haven

The focal point of the entire retreat space is the sunken seating area with a firepit in the middle of their massive swimming pool. Guests gather together at the end of the day, all sun kissed and relaxed, with huge smiles and excited to share stories about how their day went. Some women recount the epic waves they caught that day or the blissful hours spent enjoying rejuvenating spa sessions. While others share details of their adventures around Bali, from water purification ceremonies or snorkelling with manta rays, to hiking up volcanoes!  


Since 2008, Escape Haven Bali Retreat has received over 40 international awards for both their active retreat packages, as well as their holistic healing programmes. Through their united passion to provide the very best care, they are honoured to remain number 1 on Tripadvisor for the past 15 years out of all the Bali retreats and healing sanctuaries.

escape haven swimming pool
escape haven bali rooms
spa at escape haven retreat bali
escape haven luxury bali retreat spa
sauna at escape haven luxury women's retreat bali
outdoor shower at escape haven women's retreat bali

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Photography by Sheila Man for Bali Interiors

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