Episode 9 – Budiman Ong from Ong Cen Kuang

This is the 9th episode of Bali Interiors Stories.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with the amazing Indonesian designer Budiman Ong from Ong Cen Kuang


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Show notes:

Budiman’s company Ong Cen Kuang 0.34

What makes his lighting unique? 1.00

His process 1.50

Similarities with fashion design, and pushing boundaries 4.55

The materials he likes to use and his signature piece 6.26

How he alters perceptions 8.00

His most satisfying material 9.00

The joy of the creative process 10.15

The process of self-discovery and benefits of making mistakes 11.50

His background and how it influences his design14.00

Studying in Scotland and finding his passion 20.40

Education, design and production in Indonesia 24.50

Local vs international market focus 28.00

Valuing local products 32.00

His shop 33.30

Maintaining local interest in their own stories and products 35.40

Local hand craft dying out 37.10

Social entrepreneurship 38.20

Why he moved to Bali and starting his career 39.40

The start of his company and its identity  42.00

The materials he prefers to work with 43.45

Sustainable materials and experimentation 44.50

The importance of industry support 46.00

The importance of process in design 48.05


For more information about Budiman, go to: www.ockdesigns.com/

To view our Bali Interiors website head to: www.bali-interiors.com

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