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Episode 8 – Karlie from Bali Buddies

This is the 8th episode of Bali Interiors Stories.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with the entrepreneur Karlie from https://balibuddies.com


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Show notes:

0 –  How the business started

4.00 – Pivoting the business during Covid

5.30 – Surviving without the Australian market

7.30 – A lot of the foreign media left Bali

8.00 – How Bali Buddies checks villas and venues

9.00 – Adapt or die in this market

10.00 – Thinking long-term in business

11.30 – Supporting local business

12.30 – Karlie’s life pre-Bali

17.00 – Planning her move to Bali

18.00 – A week in Karlee’s life

23.00 –  Is Bali life boring?

25.20 – What Bali teaches you about consumerism

27.00 – How Bali allows you to reinvent yourself

29.30 – Why the move to Bali isn’t for everyone

32.00 – Bali isn’t all butterflies and rainbows

35.00 – Adapting and accepting

39.00 – The wealth gap

41.00 – Why she chooses to live in Bali

45.00 – What tips would you give to someone who wants to move to Bali?


For more information about Karlie, go to: https://balibuddies.com

To view our Bali Interiors website head to: www.bali-interiors.com

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