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Episode 7 – Shelley from My Shrine Designs

This is the 7th episode of Bali Interiors Stories.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with the interior designer Shelley from My Shrine Designs


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Show notes:

2:00: How the company works

11:00: Creativity

15.00: Artisans and craftsmanship in Indonesia and expanding your creativity

18:00: How she ended up in Bali

19:00: Where she’s from

21.00: Her fashion background

23:00: Designing and evolving

29:00: Comfort is luxury: designing for the human experience

34:00: Reading people

37:00: Living in Bali and the things she loves


For more information about Shelley, go to: https://www.myshrineinteriors.com/

To view our Bali Interiors website head to: www.bali-interiors.com

And don’t forget to follow us on IG by going to: www.instagram.com/baliinteriors

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