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bali Interiors stories podcast 2 Irene Hoff

Episode 2 – Irene Hoff

This is our second episode of Bali Interiors Stories.

I hope you enjoy the talk I had with Irene Hoff.


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Show notes:

Why is there so much magic in Bali: 4.23

What is freedom and how it feels in Bali: 6.45

How did Irene become an artist?: 10.35

Another side of Irene – healing and 6 sense – letting go of the old and receiving the new:13:36

We don’t own our creativity and life principles: 20:36

How to get rid of old beliefs: 26:28

How do you succeed as an artist: 35.50

Bali Interiors Stories episode 2 Irene Hoff
Bali Interiors Stories episode 2 Irene Hoff

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