Aqua Bingin – New Bali Beach House

Aqua Bingin living room close up
Kitchen and dining at Aqua bingin
Living room of Aqua Bingin
bathroom design of Aqua Bingin
Second bedroom of Aqua Bingin
sunset view of bingin beach from living room area
Aqua Bingin Bedroom with golden light
Spectacular Sunset at Aqua Bingin
Kitchen with skylight
a beautiful view of bingin beach

 A brand new perfect gateway villa.  Your ultimate Bali beach house


Located in Bingin beach Bali, this luxury two bedroom / two bathroom  Bali beach house is extraordinary! A perfect blend of French interior design​​ and handmade Balinese craft.


“Enjoy the view of the crystal blue ocean throughout the villa and the mesmerizing Bali sunset from your balcony. Located right in front of the famous Bingin wave, a barrelling heaven, you can either surf at your doorstep or enjoy the show from the comfort of your villa.”

That’s how the villa description is on airbnb, but it is so much more than a beachfront villa in Bali.  It’s your home away from home! The place where you can be in full vacation mode.

Somewhere​​ Concepts always has a way of using surroundings expertly. Here, they have maximized the natural view to create perfect, simple and cohesive interiors that match the spectacular location of Bukit Bali. 


And once again Chelsea has enhanced​​ and combined natural views from the beachside, with the villa itself in little details such as “soaring floating pendant lamps above the bed are reminiscent of sea rays and jelly fish suspended in water.”

Located in Bukit Bali,  just 45 minutes away from the airport or Seminyak and about 1 hour away from Canggu.


 Aqua Bingin is one of the most beautiful places to relax in Bali. Read more to know why!


I was in awe of the view from the first step we walked in there.

To get to the villa, you need to walk via a path down the hill made from stairs cut into the rock. But when you enter the villa’s cute wooden door, you see the breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean. Aqua Bingin is the full package! The sun, the ocean views and sound, and a lot of options for restaurant by the beach at your “doorstep”.


Unlike any of the other places to stay on the cliffside of Bingin beach, Aqua Bingin takes a more modern approach in terms of design. Bali Interiors approved!

It is the perfect place to unwind, to take a break, to heal,  to be creative, and even to surf, because of the strategic location. Your stay could be as slow-paced or as active as you like.

What people flock to Bingin the afternoons to see, though, is the sunset.

The sunset views from the balcony are absolutely phenomenal, while the cliffs next to the beach and the beach’s rocky shore add to the visual beauty.

The option to open glass windows and let the breeze in, and enjoy it from the comfort of the living room is also an amazing detail that Somewhere Concepts has added to the apartment.

Aqua Bingin amenities also include a functioning kitchen, wifi, a dedicated working space, air conditioning, and also 50” HDTV with netflix.

So if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind apartment living experience, with a beach front villa Bali view that has  quick access to the beach, and you desire comfort and luxury, look no further because Aqua Bingin will be the perfect place for you! What are you waiting for? Enquire now.



                                                                                 Aqua Bingin







Words by Bella Dina
All pictures by Sheila man, Creative Director & Founder of Bali Interiors.
Interior Designed and Styled by Somewhere Concepts

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