I went to photograph Crate at 7am, when they open. No sooner had they put the coffee beans in the grinder, were there people lining up to order the coffees.


Crate is youthful, it has a surfy skateboardy vibe to it, there are a lot of young guys working in a small space, the music is loud, the pace is fast. The inside interior appears to have been half-completed, maybe they demolished one wall and kind of left it that way, without any finish. Of course – that’s the point! The paint job or lack of it, gives an industrial feel. But even though the interior looks like a teenage boy’s outfit, careless and undone, you know in reality, this teenage boy actually took ages to get ready, the hair even though uncombed, was done so deliberately, and those holes in the skinny jeans? They’re not because of wear, but because they look, and are, cool.





The tables and chairs at Crate continue the industrial look. All of the seats have square cushions made out of used denim. The walls are bare, except for a couple of paintings directly on the concrete wall, and a wall of crates with polaroid photos attached. The menu has been painted directly on the wall behind the bar and there is the big painted mural on the outside of crate.


Crate is pretty much always packed, so probably not the best place to bring babies but if you are cool and good looking, you have found your coffee mecca.



Jl. Batu Bolong, Canggu

Opening from 7 am



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