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Once in a while, a store comes along that you wish was yours. Cove is that store. It has just opened it's doors and I’m so jealous is not mine!


BaliInteriors- Cove
cove- Bali Interiors


One day I was driving my scooter and all of a sudden, I saw it. I just had to stop then and there, and take a look. I parked my scooter and unfortunately it was closed. I was looking inside with my hands around my face to eagerly see what this new shop was like. Like a kid looking into a candy store, wishing I could eat all of it. That was me!

cove- bali interiors
cove- bali interiors


I came back later after it had opened, and my happiness level grew even more.

The shop is almost divided into 2 sections -  homewares and soft furnishings, and clothing. Lucky me (unlucky for my husband!), everything is to my taste.

To begin with, the clothes - from their own line- are so beautiful. It’s mostly linen, and I think if I had to pick one fabric to use forever, it would have to be linen. The soft palette and simple but gorgeous cuts make me want to buy the entire rack. They also have beautiful slides and even swimmers. Win-win.

cove- bali interiors- canggu
bali interior- Canggu
bali interiors- canggu

The meticulously curated array of homewares is perfect for the store. From the light-weight and diverse rugs, to the dainty jewellery, and everything in between, every choice of product has a purpose. There is no filler. I took a particular liking to these beautiful lamps and lampshades made out of brass and different colour strings that I have not seen before. Also, they stock the very minimalist ceramics by Cisco and The Sun, the so very soft and rich towels by Ranger store as well as exclusive Rachel Arthur paintings and limited edition fine art photography prints by Nick Scott.

bali interiors- COVE
canggu- cove-bali interiors
bali interiors- canggu- cove
bali interiors- cove
cove- bali interiors


The store itself couldn’t be more different from what it used to be in its former life (a bright red old-school Chinese Restaurant). It features white interiors, unpolished light-grey cement and I love love love that they did round archways that lead to the second room. The very few pieces of furniture they have are all very well-chosen and fit perfectly with its surroundings. The carved nooks in the cement white walls create the perfect finishing touches to complete the whole look of this beach forever-summer store. A 10/10.

cove- bali interiors
cove- bali interiors
cove- bali interiors

COVE Island Essentials


Jl. Pantai Berawa 50. Berawa, Canggu

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