COVE Bingin

Cove opened their second store in Bingin, your one stop shop for the best Bali decor items, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

After huge success with their first store in Berawa, they have decided to bring 

their island essentials to Bingin. Tucked away to the side of a quiet Bingin laneway, 

here you can find their resort wear LILYA, beach essentials, and carefully handcrafted Bali decor for your home.

Cove Bingin is dominated by white walls, wooden furniture, and large glass windows that fill the space with natural light. Not to mention the linen lampshades that hang beautifully above their grey sofa, and definitely add a sophisticated and upscaled look to the whole store!

Cove offers a meticulously curated array of Bali decor items, homewares and clothing pieces. From the light-weight brass cutleries, beautifully handmade pottery vases and incense holders, to traditional and nomadic design floor rugs (that go really well with the tropical home designs Bali is known for), and even baby apparel and stylish feminine resort wear. 

Cove Bingin
Cove Bingin- Clothing

One place to fulfil your Bali clothes shopping obsession!

From the moment you walk through their glass doors you are immediately greeted by the calming scent of aromatherapy candles – one of the products Cove is best known for selling too, of course! 

The left side has a display of trendy clothing items designed by Lisa Chedanne for her brand LILYA, which is perfect for your ‘Bali Clothes Shopping’ session because they offer multiple selections ranging from preppy shirts, to casual chic jumpsuits and indigo blue denim. We had an interview with Lisa a while back, who is also the creative force behind Cove. Read more about her creative vision here

If you’re a mom on-the-go, and you barely have time to go shopping for yourself AND for your kids, Little Cove also has a variety of kids’ apparel that is available for you! 

Baby bloomers, airy floral dresses and bucket hats that are perfect for a day at the beach, a birthday party or when your baby just needs something pretty to wear on any day of the week! 

Cove also carries other kid’s apparel brands such as Misool, Lion + Lamb The Label, and Mindful & Co. So you’re guaranteed you will never run out of options!

Lamps at Cove
Cove Bingin

To help you achieve the tropical home designs Bali is famous for, Cove offers a wide variety of beautiful giftware collections and highly sought-after Bali decor items including jewellery; from moonstone choker and dainty rings, to astrology bracelets (perfect for those astrology-freak friends of yours!), jewellery with healing crystals on it, leather key ring and pull-up card holders, to greeting cards to go along with the gifts you bought.

One of my favourite parts of the store is the large wooden table with built-in shelves in it, simply because it has skincare and bodycare products all over it! The body wash smells so good! It has a rich woody scent with a hint of sweetness to it. 


They also have face mists, high-potency mineral masks, and perfume rollers available. Seriously, Cove has everything you need in one spot! It’s going to be hard to choose only one or two items to bring home with you, but you can always come back and pick up some more 😉

Cove Main Door
Cove decor items
cloth Rack at cove
Cove window from outside

Everything displayed here is rich in visual texture. Each detail was carefully considered and beautifully made. Home should be a welcoming oasis – a place where we can retreat, rest, 

and live well every day. We believe Cove strives to curate homes with heart.

back view from Cove
Cove Bags on Display
clothing rack with Lilya's clothing
children's section at Cove
Cove Bingin gift store in Bingin Beach
Photography by Sheila Man for Bali Interiors
Venue Cove Bingin

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