Como Shambhala Estate, one of the best bali resorts in Ubud

Introducing Como Shambhala Estate, one of the best Bali resorts I’ve been to!



Built on the staggered hilltops above the Ayung river and surrounded by the flourishing jungle trees of Ubud, lies a hidden gem called Como Shambhala Estate.⁠



Ubud is known as home to some of the best Bali resorts, this one in particular is a jungle-hugged designer health resort. Como Shambhala Estate offers pure relaxation accompanied by the sounds of the rustling trees and rumbling river water. They have successfully combined a deep-rooted approach to wellness with extensive facilities and luxury accommodation.⁠

como shambhala estate
como shambhala estate hotel

There are a lot of Bali luxury resorts, but only this one offers such an immersive wellness experience



Como Shambhala Estate is divided into 5 residences with a total of 30 suites. Every room has access to its Residence’s pools, lounge areas and shaded pavilions to ensure all guests get the most out of their stay. Each one also features a unique interior style, there’s one with a Japanese style, one with Javanese style, and so on. 

bali interiors como shambhala
como shambhala suite
como ubud resort bathroom

I had the pleasure of staying at their Wanakasa residence, which translates to ‘Forest in the Mist’. Wanakasa sits amongst the trees, the semi-circular edge of its private pool echoing the bend of the Ayung River 100 metres below. Columns made from wide tree trunks support the main living pavilion and pool. While teak floors and ironwood-shingle roofs create the luxurious atmosphere of a five-star treehouse.

wanakasa residence at como shambhala
ubud wellness resort
kudus house at como shambhala
como shambhala estate

Most Bali luxury resorts offer a wide range of activities and experiences, and so does Como Shambhala. They have daily activities available for guests, such as Tjampuhan ridge walk, Ayung river rafting, Kintamani bike challenge, Yoga and Pilates sessions, and many more. These activities are also open to the public. I’d highly recommend getting a day pass to experience this Ubud hotel if you’re in a time crunch but still looking to relax and enjoy another tranquil side of Bali!


Como Shambhala Estate provides a personal butler during your stay, allowing you to relax and really enjoy this sanctuary without having to worry about anything. Buggies are also available to take you around this large property. You really do feel spoiled!


My personal butler led me down to the spa in the lower part of the resort, where they have a water garden, Kedara. It has a lagoon shaped natural pool which sits very close to the river. They also use only healthy and natural ingredients for their wellness spa and holistic beauty care.

como shambhala lagoon
como indoor pool bali
como estate in bali
como shambhala estate swimming pool
pool stairs como ubud

You can also immerse yourself in the flavours of healthy Indonesian cuisine which they serve at Kudus House. This restaurant has a distinct Javanese interior, complete with the Joglo that can be seen upon entering the area. Enjoying breakfast while taking in the beautiful sight of the Ubud jungle is an incredible way to start the day. Como Shambhala Estate also has a resident nutritionist as well as an Ayurvedic doctor available upon request to help anyone with a specific wellness programme or Ayurvedic diet.



For two decades, COMO Shambhala Estate has reigned as a five-star refuge for luxury travelers seeking to embark on a wellness journey. If you’re looking for stunning places to stay in Bali, particularly in the Ubud area, you definitely should add this Ubud hotel to your list.

kudus house como
kudus house como shambhala view

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Photography by Sheila Man for Bali Interiors

Words by Bali Interiors

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