Casa Blanca – Bohemian Canggu Villa

Bali is a mecca for unique and luxury villas. And the recently completed Casa Blanca is definitely one of them! I really love the location because it is situated just a little bit outside of Canggu, giving you direct access to other hotspots in the area, but you’ll still be able to retreat to your private villa Canggu to enjoy the peace and quiet. Stepping into this Canggu villa, I can certainly recognize the interplay of modern design and traditional Moroccan aesthetics. This doesn’t feel like it’s just a villa; it’s a personal home that blends contemporary luxury with the soulful charm of Morocco. 

As I approach the villa’s exterior, I’m in awe of the harmonious blend of clean lines and traditional Moroccan elements. The architects at Konkrete Design Bali really outdid themselves and created a masterpiece together with Gabriel Mendoz. The delicate lamps gracefully accentuating throughout the house serve as a testament to the rich history and culture of Morocco. Casa Blanca pays homage to tradition, while embracing the sophistication of contemporary design, creating an aesthetic that is both modern and minimalist.

My eyes are drawn to the bathrooms, where the vibrant patterns and intricate designs of the tiles, which have been reimagined in a modern context, transform this space into a canvas where tradition dances with innovation. The bathroom becomes more than just a utilitarian room; it transforms into a playful burst of colour and liveliness, a signature to the charm and character that defines this Canggu villa. It certainly makes me want to redo my bathroom tiles at home!

As I step into the living room, the sunken sitting area invites me in. This space exudes relaxation. Plush cushions and white textiles strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. The low-profile furniture and earthy colour palette contribute to the overall warmth, turning this living space into a sanctuary within the larger haven of Casa Blanca. What adds the cherry on top to this experience is the rooftop outdoor sitting area, where subtle colours for cushions and accent pillows blend with the vibrant tiles.

It’s not a true private villa Canggu without a pool. And of course, Casa Blanca has simply the most inviting pool. It is perfect for chilling and relaxing during those hot Bali days, or it can be the ideal background for your photoshoot. What truly sets Casa Blanca apart is its ability to evoke this sense of welcoming and homeyness, without compromising on refined aesthetics. The interior design features carefully curated elements working together to create an atmosphere of welcome and comfort. Each piece of furniture, every textile, and every tile reflects a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect contributes to the cohesive design that defines Casa Blanca.

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Photography by Sheila Man for Bali Interiors

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