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When I first moved to Bali, there were not many Canggu villas yet. I stayed in a beautiful hotel in Berawa that had multiple joglos/small houses and a shared pool. The moment I saw our accommodation, the architecture and the interiors, with each joglo featuring a slightly different style, I fell in love with the design & interiors here. You could even say that this place sparked the idea to start Bali Interiors, or at least it definitely planted the seed! 

8 years later, when I walked into this private villa in Canggu, Palm Jari Villas, I had the same feeling of being back at this special place. Maybe the materials were similar or it had certain things that reminded me of my first place in Bali, but it definitely brought back memories of my first stay in Bali. It’s funny how some places can really reawaken memories, as well as spark curiosity and inspiration. And this is exactly what Villa Palm Jari did when I walked in. It awoke my curious mind and allowed me to feel inspired and excited to see something new that differs from all the usual all-white Canggu villas. It has an authenticity that allowed me to feel like I was in a truly unique space.

Breaking away from the prevalent clean and minimalist aesthetics that are typical of private villas in Canggu , Palm Jari Villas exude a distinctive, cosy ambiance. The architectural brilliance of these villas plays with heights and dimensions, creating a creative masterpiece that deviates from the norm. Stepping into Palm Jari Villas, you’re instantly enveloped in a contemporary architectural marvel which seamlessly merges concrete and wooden elements. It skillfully fuses popular decorations with Indonesian design elements, showcasing the expertise of Koskaki Architect, which you can also see in their work with Villa Shambala Lembongan.

The second floor reveals beautifully designed bedrooms that prioritise both comfort and style. Each room showcases a thoughtful blend of concrete and wooden decor, providing a visually stunning retreat. The en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and built-in closets integrate functionality with design aesthetics. A special mention goes to one of the bedrooms, which features a private balcony offering panoramic views of the greenery surrounding the villa.

The villas have a spacious open living area that serves as the heart of the property, meticulously designed to offer relaxation and socialisation. Plush, expansive couches are available for you to unwind in style amidst carefully curated decor elements. I love the details on the black wooden frame with a traditional engraving. It is clear that the design philosophy revolves around fluidity, erasing the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing nature to become an integral part of the interior aesthetic. 

Palm Jari Villas distinguish themselves with a unique feature – the absence of barriers between the living room and the outdoor pool. This design choice not only enhances the feeling of being one with nature, but also underscores the meticulous attention to the interior-exterior relationship. The poolside space becomes a sanctuary for those seeking a refreshing dip in Bali’s hot weather, making Palm Jari Villas a truly exceptional island retreat in the heart of Canggu! Looking back at what brought me that moment of inspiration from my first stay, I really need to emphasise the joy of staying somewhere where the personality and design aesthetic shines through. A unique point of view, a design direction, and architectural style, as long as it’s done authentically, can and will inspire people. It inspires me and Palm Jari has inspired me once again. 

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Photography by Sheila Man for Bali Interiors

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