If you had to choose the Instagram capital of the world, it would have to be Bali. No matter where you go, there are people having their photo taken with various backdrops, iconic walls or sipping coconuts and cocktails. And how can you blame them when the interiors and exteriors that keep appearing in Bali are this good! Cabina is about to become the new Instagram sensation, but it’s so much more than that. It will be a place of choice not only for its beautiful aesthetics but also for its incredibly delicious food and great service. Am I being selfish for wanting to keep it a secret?


Bali Interiors- Cabina






cabina -bali interiors


I’d gone past Cabina a few times and didn’t go in until a couple of weeks after it opened. The white-holed brick wall and rim of cacti are extremely inviting. But I don’t think I was prepared to see such a beautifully designed beach club. Cabina is a mix of Palm Springs and The Slow (hotel in Canggu). The designer and owners of Cabina have put a great deal of thought into everything. From their branding to the food, to decor and, of course, service.


The first time I went to Cabina I went for dinner with quite fussy eaters (no gluten, vegetarian, no dairy, etc etc). Thank goodness they cater to people who can only eat lettuce (kidding, not kidding!). My friends were so impressed with the food and so was I. For dessert, we had a sort of deconstructed lemon pie and it was insanely good. I’m still thinking about it weeks later. When I came back to take the photos, I had some delicious breakfast as well. These guys certainly know what they are doing! It’s not easy to find a Beach Club that can do everything so well, but so far they have excelled at everything! Amazing food? Check! Amazing ambiance? Check! Amazing service? Check! Amazing music? Check!






And I haven’t even talked about the pool area. The restaurant opens up to a great big swimming pool sitting underneath some huge palm trees with floaties of all kinds, and sunbeds to chill out and work on your tan. They also have a small kiddy pool which is great to take the little ones too!
Soon they will be opening a co-working space upstairs. So seriously, can this place get any better? Hurry, go there before the word spreads about this place and the invasion of the insta-bloggers begin!



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