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Singaporean Lynn and her Indonesian husband are building something special in Pererenan. Their complex includes a variety of different villa configurations, an Argentinian grill restaurant (UPDATE – it just opened!), permaculture garden, and even a ceramic studio!



What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Lynn. I’m from Singapore. We are now small-scale property developers here in Bali. My husband is Indonesian.



How many ara is this piece of land?

The villas are 15 ara. And the rest is about another 18 ara. That includes 4 ara for the restaurant, 4 ara for the studio and 10 ara for the permaculture garden.



When did you get the land?

We got the land for the villas in 2019. The rest was done much later. I think in 2021.



When did you start building?

We broke ground very late in 2021. So it’s taken about 2 years so far.

Bali Interiors Build Diary Lynn restaurant

What does your complex consist of?

3 x 1 bedrooms villas, 2 x 3 bedroom villas, and my own villa, which is about 4 +1 bedrooms.

The restaurant is an Argentine-inspired wood fire grill. There’s also a large permaculture garden, which we will use to supply the restaurant. There’s also a space for Sunday markets and birthday parties. And finally, there’s a ceramic studio.



Why did you decide to include a ceramic studio?

It’s basically my own hobby! I really love ceramics. I was tired of driving 1 hour to Ubud every time, so I decided to make my own! So here it is!



When will the first villas by finished?

We think that the 3 x 1 bedroom villas will be ready in early 2024. They are almost done. Just a few finishing touches, plus the furniture to come.


Then the 3 bedroom villas should be ready a few months later.



What about the restaurant?

We were hoping for it to open at the end of February. But this Bali, so timelines are flexible. Originally, it was meant to be December last year, but there have been a few delays as we waited for exactly what we needed to arrive.


Also, there was the Presidential election in Indonesia in mid February and we didn’t want to clash with that. We are lucky to have an Argentinian chef who we recruited to join us and his steaks are amazing!

Bali Interiors Build Diary Lynn inside villa
Bali Interiors Build Diary Lynn pool

How has your build gone so far?

Well, all builds have their issues! I’ve been quite happy so far. If I had the same expectations for timelines as I have in Singapore, then I would be really upset! Fortunately, I knew what to expect!


Have you made any design changes since you started building?

A lot! Especially for the studio and restaurant! We were on quite a tight budget, so we had to make a lot of changes when we found out the price of various things. Other times, we couldn’t find a supplier for what we wanted, so we needed to adjust our plans. It was quite organic though and we were happy to make those changes.


But for the villas we mainly stuck to the plan though.



I saw that many of the villas have basement. Why did you include this feature?

Initially, it was because of the shape of the land. It was on a slope so we needed to build up to even it out. This meant we had all the empty space underneath, where we had built it. We wanted to utilise that space.


And I know a lot of people from Jakarta and other places like to have a live-in helper. So that space can be used them. Or it can be used for storage. There are lots of options. We connected up all the pipes for bathrooms or washing machines etc, so the spaces are versatile.



How are you feeling so far during your build?

The journey has been up and down! When you first look at the plot you think “It’s so small”. Then as you build, you think “It’s so big!”. Now I’m accepting it for what it is!


Have you had a good relationship with your builder?

Yes, I really like my builder. He’s a bit expensive but the quality makes it worth it! It‘s our first project so we wanted to pay a premium price to make sure everything was done well.



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