Bottega Italiana has brought a new air of class to Canggu. This small restaurant has been meticulously planned to the last millimetre. Everything has been thought through and nothing is random. The materials used are mainly concrete and wood. The linen cushions in the beautiful colour scheme of washed blue, white and grey really give an air of sophistication, and separates this place from the rest.




The Italian touch is everywhere, the design is classic but cool, with a beach touch. The high tables inside and the large concrete table outside were handmade by Mauro, one of the owners, and are all different with cutlery indented into the concrete slab.




Bottega Italiana Rosmarina is the second restaurant by the same group, with its headquarters at Zibiru in Seminyak.

All the pasta, pastries and some of the meat and cheeses are homemade at the sister restaurant.






Almost everything in Bottega Italian is either homemade, imported from Italy or made by an Italian in Indonesia.

The wine is locally grown and produced but is made by an italian winemaker. The mozzarella is made in Java by an Italian cheesemaker. 

The gnocchi is light and fluffy, the tiramisu is divine, the croissants taste buttery and melt in your mouth. All are homemade. And the coffee, Java produced, is divine.

Bottega Italiana is not your middle of the range restaurant, is a notch above the rest.




Jl Pantai Batu Bolong 77, Canggu, Bali
Open at 8am til 10pm
for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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