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Bokashi – a new Canggu Cafe

There’s a new Canggu cafe that is definitely worth checking out!


Coming from the Japanese language, “Bokashi” means transforming typically discarded waste into something useful and nutritious. This newly opened Canggu cafe and teahouse focuses on bringing fresh and healthy meals from their locally sourced farm, LYD Organic.


From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by the colourful fresh produce displayed throughout the room. The ground floor is their store, deli, and kitchen. I love that Bokashi has an open-kitchen concept, where you can see the chef preparing your meal as you roam around, shopping. On the right-hand side of the room are all kinds of vegetables and fruits, all organic, of course! In the deli, you can find imported cheese, meats, and fresh local seafood, as well as desserts like brownies, keto chocolate cake, and many more. There’s something for everyone!


On the left side of the store is where the Bokashi ‘pantry’ is, you can find all of their organic ingredients here. They have so many options to choose from; pastas, rolled oats, different types of rice and nuts, bottled up spices and herbs, and even organic skincare! 


Bokashi promotes sustainable packaging as well, they sell their refillable products in glass jars and bulk bags to aim for less waste and minimal use of plastic.

Bokashi- bali Canggu cafe
Bokashi Sofa upstairs

This new Bali restaurant with a farm-to-table concept is a must visit!


Going up to the second floor where the dining area is, the wooden interior is dominated by dark cherry wood colour. Japanese vintage paintings and portraits are seen on display on the wall, along with unique teapots and vintage vases as decoration pieces. 


If you’re an avid tea drinker, Bokashi offers a wide selection of teas from local and international small scale-farmers for you to enjoy. I tried their Golden Yellow tea which is very fragrant and complex with fruity aromas. Served with a side of lamington that just melted in my mouth! Their flat white is also good, considering Bokashi is more of a tea house than a coffee shop, I was surprised with how smooth the coffee was!


Their food menu includes some Japanese staples. One of my personal favourites is their breakfast bento. Instead of a regular bento box, it was served on a wooden tray, very traditional! It comes with seasoned rice, eggs, crispy bacon, surimi croquette, along with corn and miso puree. 

Bokashi Canggu Cafe
Bokashi Japansese food
Bokashi Tea House
Bokashi Canggu Tea Shop
Bokashi Kitchen

Not many Bali restaurants grow their fresh produce locally. But at Bokashi, everything you see on the menu, all the fruits and vegetables they use, are organically grown in Bali by their team at LYD Organic. Even the ceramics used to display their menu are custom made in Bali by Kevala Ceramics.


With their own chef’s product line, they prepare easy-to-use ingredients for homecooks or for professionals looking to make healthy and hearty meals using sustainably grown produce. There’s no doubt that Bokashi is one of the best organic grocery stores in Canggu, make sure to stop by when you’re around! (They even have valet parking!). And if you are still looking for a cool place close by, make sure to check our recommendations for  stays in Bali.


With a cafe and tea house upstairs, Bokashi is guaranteed to make your organic grocery shopping time in Canggu a heavenly experience!

Fruit grocer at Bokashi
bokashi grocery store in Canggu

Photos by Bali Interiors & Bokashi

Words by Arabella Tumewa

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