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If you’re looking for Colonial style villas in Bali, we have found the one for you!



We’ve noticed that lately most villas in Bali have a similar Mediterranean style. Although we absolutely adore this style, we’ve seen so many of these villas that when we came across Blue Door villa, it was like a breath of fresh air!. The tropical-colonial style of this villa is classic and timeless. It’s a little more relaxed and the dark colors are more subdued, which ties in the country feel. 


Once you walk through the blue doors, you’ll be greeted by a swimming pool, an outdoor shower and a pathway leading you to the kitchen. The kitchen is separated from the main living area, it is built like a small cottage style kitchen, painted in a cool toned grey color. It comes fully equipped, so you will always have the option to cook your meals the way you like them! 

blue door villa kitchen

The main living area houses two bedrooms, each one comes with its own bathroom. One bathroom in particular has a bathtub with a glass ceiling. We can just imagine how wonderful it is to soak in the tub with a glass of wine in hand, staring at the swaying frangipani tree above. The bedrooms are furnished with blue comfy beds with high headboards, wooden flooring with a unique mosaic pattern, and glass doors facing right to the pool area.

blue door villa bali

This tropical-colonial oasis might be the perfect private villa in Bali for you!



The interior design for Blue Door villa is nicely done by Bentuk Ruang, who also did a great job in designing Carved Door villa!


Everything here is dominated by monochromatic colours; black, white, and grey. There’s a little bit of blue here and there as a pop of colour. 

The colonial wooden columns, that can be seen upon entering the property, create a focal point on the entrance, and they set the tone for the entire exterior design style. The interior of this private villa in Bali focuses more on luxury and comfort while the use of vibrant colours and vivid contrasting patterns are evident in every corner. In some of the rooms you will find black-and-white frame photo prints, which add to the ‘Old Hollywood’ feel the designers have chosen.

blue door villa bali canggu
blue door villa bali canggu

The rattan and teak wood furniture also provide a nice accent to the interior. With 2 blue velvet sofas nested at both ends of the living area, a beautiful pattern on the floor tiles, and the signature chandelier, every corner of this house feels luxurious, making it one of the best villas to stay in Bali. This villa also features a swimming pool as well as an outdoor shower.

2 bedroom villa bali
blue door villa kitchen
blue door babakan canggu
blue door villa bali canggu outdoor shower
blue door villa bedroom
blue door villa bali canggu

Canggu is commonly known as one of the popular areas to look for best villas to stay in Bali. Blue Door Villa is also located in Babakan, Canggu. This strategic location allows you to explore the trendy places to eat and drink in Bali. You’ll be making the most of your stay here because some of the best restaurants, cafes, beach clubs, and gyms are only a few minutes away! 


This stunning colonial style villa is available for daily rental, book your stay here!

Photography by Sheila Man for Bali Interiors

Blue Door Villa by Open Door Villa Bali

Words by Bali Interiors


  1. Anne Layton August 18, 2022

    Loved the ideas and design behind this property.
    Had a feeling of calmness and openness

    1. Wayan August 19, 2022

      We love it too!


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