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Bali Interiors- Biombo Architecture & Interior design


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Biombo architecture & Bali Interiors
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biombo architecture
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Biombo Architecture & Interior Design Studio

Biombo Architecture is an international design and architecture studio lead by Nacho, a Spaniard and his team.

Nacho and his collages aim to provide a full service from concept to completion by not only creating the architectural plants and construction but also by creating the interior decor. Biombo ‘s strengths are in creating beautiful interiors using the natural materials around Bali.

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  • Steph Aitken

    Good afternoon,

    I was just wondering if you would able to help me source these amazing prints that on your home page please? I tried emailing Biombo Architects but my email bounced back with the address they had on their Instagram page to also ask about the prints. I am in Bali next month so I love to be able to find them. I follow you page on Instagram which I absolutely love and came across them.

    Thank you for your help very much appreciated.


  • Taryn

    Does anyone know where this entertainment/ console is from?


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