Bikini is not your regular sort of restaurant, it is in fact quite special. There are places that you must try when you come to Bali, Bikini must be added to this list.




The outdoor bar and sitting area and the neon signs are very Miami, with a touch of Vegas. Think lots of hot pinks! The bar itself has been meticulously designed. The marble tabletop and part of the splashback, in combination with the dark wine leather and brass stools, is glam and lux in a very balanced way.  The individual wood strips on the ceiling and on the bar both add a new dimension to the different textures and tie up beautifully with the interior of the restaurant. While we waited for our table to be set, we had 2 incredible cocktails that left us a little tipsy and eager to try the cuisine.




The interior of the restaurant is quite spectacular in a controlled manner. The double-height triangular ceiling and the main focal point of the pink-painted wall by artist Ash Keating create an imposing first impression. The leather-rounded sofas intensify the plush modern art deco feel.  Against the pink wall, they create a great contrast making the interior current and cool. The sofa booths are lush and super comfortable, and all have gorgeous marble tables that complement them.


Bali Interiors- bikini bali



The bathrooms, which I can’t go past without mentioning them, give me a feeling of being in a club rather than a restaurant. The hot pink walls and the fact that each individual bathroom (all unisex) has a unique witty slogan on the mirror, make them perfectly Instagram-worthy.




But more than just the design, which is spot on, the food takes this place to another level. Food in Bali is just getting better and better, so much so that it can’t be an easy market to make a name for yourself. But Bikini is definitely a new contender on the high dining scene.





We shared the tasting menu and basically given free rein to the Chef to prepare whatever he pleased. The food was beyond incredible. Each plate (and there were lots of them) got better and better. Visually, each one was a work of art, and in terms of taste, texture and flavors, I have never tried better food in my life. Each dish was extremely complex and had gone through many steps before the presentation. The dishes were mostly vegetarian or pescetarian and very light, giving you plenty of room to keep on trying the next dish. There were plates that I may not have chosen if I would be ordering from the menu, but I couldn’t fault them. They were all mouth-watering and left me wanting more, creating a buzz about what other amazing dishes would come next.





Just as the interior design of Bikini reveals its cultured complexities and modern sophistication, their food is both creatively inspiring and a delight to the senses. Dining at Bikini is a refined and artistic experience of the highest level.





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