Do you want to find your purpose? 

You love design, interiors. architecture but you’re not sure how to begin or how to expand your current business. What’s the right step? You are scared to fail, scared to make the wrong choice, scared to waste thousands of dollars and arrive at an unfamiliar place, alone, without a community and no tools to help you.

When I moved to Bali, my husband and I had decided to take a year off. A pause. I had a jewellery business. It was failing, I loved design but my business was going nowhere. I’d just had a baby, I had postnatal depression and I was in a new place and knew nobody.

I felt trapped, alone, depressed & isolated. I had no community and felt like maybe I’d made a huge mistake by moving to Bali. I was completely miserable and didn’t know what to do.

On Facebook I read a post that described my symptoms and I realised I was suffering from depression. That post changed my life.

I decided to get help and realised I had to let go of my last business. It was bringing me so much anxiety and wasn’t making me happy. After a pause, I realised I still wanted to do something, I needed to find my purpose. I decided to create a blog called Bali Interiors.


And Bali Interiors changed my life.

This little hobby brought me so much happiness that I began to trust my instincts again, I stopped lying to myself and got serious about what my strengths and my weaknesses are. I started to meet people and began to feel like this is the path to finding my purpose. 

Soon enough, I actively turned this hobby into a business that matched my goals and the lifestyle I wanted to have. I’ve worked tirelessly for 8 years growing my business, making connections, establishing contacts and becoming the best at my job.

My business now has 8 people working in it full time. I reach over 15 million people each month, I am able to provide employment for myself, my family and many other people. I have met the most incredible humans because of my business and due to it, I also have visited some of the most beautiful hotels & homes and experienced places that people only dream of. I have created a business that gives me the life that I know I deserve as well as allows me to help others achieve their dreams and aspirations.

This is what I want to you to experience

This retreat is for people that want to follow their own paths, to find the inner fire that makes you move forward and achieve all of your dreams. I want you to come and listen to your gut again. To listen to that inner voice that was silenced because achieving your dreams was too far fetched. I’m here to tell you it is not. And I am going to tell you why.

You will be in Bali with me, surrounded by like-minded individuals who are cheering you on. I will share with you all of my professional contacts in the design industry in Bali. My network of suppliers, designers, architects & factories will be yours once you join our retreat.

You will be able to change careers and start your own dream job, become financially independent, create your own business and become the person you‘ve always dreamed of being

I will continue working with you until you launch your business. That is my guarantee to you. I do this because I love it. I thrive on helping people succeed in the design space. 

This is like no other retreat. This is a design retreat where you can find your purpose. A place where you are supported, you are taken care of, where all the decisions are made for you so the only thing for you to do is relax, experience, be inspired, connect with others and breathe. 

This is the pause that gives you the space to find your purpose. Just like the one I had 8 years ago.This retreat is that pause you have been craving.

You can change the course of your life. 

Life is so busy that we forget to look after ourselves. Everyone comes first, except for you. But what if I tell you this is the time to choose yourself. To allow yourself to shine, to follow Your Dreams, Your Destiny, Your Ambitions, and Your Purpose. To reach your highest potential by becoming the best version of yourself for you and for those around you.

If you are ready to prioritise yourself, find that light within and share it with the world, this is your chance to do so.

This opportunity may run out soon

Book your spot and change your life.

This retreat is an intimate space to feel safe and supported among like minded people

About Your Host

sheila man bali interiors retreat dinner

Sheila Man was born in Argentina and spent 18 years in Sydney, Australia before moving to Bali, Indonesia in 2016. After moving to the island of the gods, she soon realised that Bali is home to some amazing designs. The combination of talented local artisans, a tropical climate that attracts designers from all over the world, and affordable construction costs allows designers to let their creativity run wild.

Armed only with an old iPhone, Sheila began documenting the gorgeous design around her. She found her passion! Her love of all things beautiful – Interior design, homewares and architecture – has led to a dream job: photographer and founding design blog Bali Interiors.  Since then she had the opportunity to work with the most talented designers, architects and business owners in Bali and beyond. Bali Interiors is now at the forefront of showcasing the most beautiful projects in interior design and has become the Design authority in Bali and surrounding islands.

“Bali is a magical island that encourages collaboration and creativity. I am incredibly grateful for the tremendous opportunities that it has provided me. Now I want to share all those beautiful places, people, designs and brands with you. I am opening my black book of connections that I’ve built over the years, so you can experience Bali in the same way I do.”


The Retreat Includes

A week full of inspiration and opportunity awaits you!

Okay, There’s More…

When you join our retreat, you will gain access to an exclusive WhatsApp group where you can exchange questions, experiences and contacts with other retreat participants. 


A space to connect and build relationships with like minded people, to ask questions and offer support to others. 


Sounds amazing, right?


Discover new places.


We will show you the best spots to source furniture and homewares, take you to workshops to learn about different techniques and visit stunning private homes and hotels.


Experience the beautiful island and people of Bali.


Dive into the culture, diversity and art on the island and get inspired by the day-to-day life and places we will visit.


Connect with professionals in the design, interior and architecture industry as well as real estate professionals. 


Meet like-minded people from all over the world and those that call Bali their home. Exchange knowledge and experiences, contacts and ideas in a creative environment.


Learn about design trends, building and decoration techniques.

Bali is known as a trendsetter in architecture and interior design. Learn from professionals in the industry, get to know tips & tricks for building, decoration and sourcing.

What our retreat guests had to say...

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Bali, Indonesia


September 15 – 21, 2024

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Jennifer Partos from Jenny’s Retreat.

Kylie Taylor from Australia

Sally Phillips from Buyer’s Agent Real Estate.


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