After being in Bali for a while, finding a store that has its own point of view and offers unique furniture and style can often seem impossible. And that’s why Beyond Borders is incredibly refreshing. Beyond Borders fills the gap in unique homewares and furniture design for Hamptons style and Rustic Chic design lovers.

  Beyond Borders furnishes its huge two storey flagship store with grace and ease. There’s no filler or generic pieces here, each product fits their aesthetic perfectly. Yet the incredible feature about Beyond Borders is that they create and produce everything in the store themselves. Thus they have complete control over the design and manufacturing process. This ability to create their own unique products makes exploring its store like finding a rare gem.


The downstairs area is dedicated to the home. From the bedroom, through the kitchen, and into the living area. You can completely furnish your whole house impeccably. In addition,  they stock the pillowcases, throws, frames, candles, trays, art, bedside lamps, vases, placemats, candle holders, rugs, baskets (and so much more) that enable you to dress your home to your heart’s content. I can easily picture myself living in the Hamptons and having a sea-front mansion fully furnished and decorated by Beyond Borders. Ok, maybe a bit of wishful thinking, but swap the Hamptons for Canggu and now we’re talking!


beyond borders- bali interiors



beyond borders bali interiors


beyond borders- bali interiors painting


bali interiors- beyond borders


beyond borders- bali interiors


beyond borders bali interiors


beyond borders bali interiors


beyond borders bali interiors



Upstairs, Beyond Borders have created one of the best kids furniture stores I have ever seen.

First of all, any kid walking into that store would not want to leave. They have the coolest indoor treehouse. I’m almost too scared to take my kids there as I know they will want one for my house and probably come home terribly disappointed with their current bedroom situation.

Everything on the kid’s floor, I wanted. EVERYTHING. Seriously, they have the cutest things. Finally, a place where you can walk in and say I want this bed, or this set of shelves, or this desk, or these chairs or this kids table. I’ll take one of everything!

But there’s more, I’m also talking about their cool baskets, rugs, wall hangers (I have my eye on one), the wooden toys, and the soft toys. They have the cutest animal-shaped wooden lights, clocks and wooden puzzles. They also have sweet paintings of animals to decorate the kid’s room and gorgeous animal shape placemats. I also loved their woven stool in the shape of a turtle. Total Cute overload!


beyond borders bali interiors


beyond borders bali interiors


beyond borders- bali interiors


beyond borders bali interiors


beyond borders bali interiors



 Beyond Borders has changed the Bali furnishing game.

With a strong aesthetic and a defined point of view, Beyond Borders offers gorgeous quality home wares. This store will be your new go-to place not only when looking to shop for your home, but also as a great place to shop for kids and grown-up gifts.




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