T]he cafe seen in Bali is exploding and with so many new cafes opening up it’s hard to know where to go. In no particular order, here are our picks for Bali’s best cafes. 

Full Circle, A Concept by Expat. Roasters – Ubud

Full Circle by Expat. Roasters is a modern, minimalist, marble-clad cafe in Ubud offering the best speciality coffee, locally sourced hand-crafted food and custom made cocktails around. The venue layout is designed around a communal and interactive espresso bar, but there is plenty of other options for seating.

Bali Interiors love: The terrazzo flooring & Artist Tazroc hand painted mural. 

Check the full article on Full Circle Expat Roasters here 

Bali Interiors, Expat Roasters Ubud

Crate Cafe – Canggu
Crate Cafe in Canggu is a big open warehouse-like space and it is more than just a place to grab food and coffee, it’s a hangout spot for all the coolest hipsters in Canggu, and if you are lucky enough to grab a seat (this place gets very crowded), it is a great place to hang out, eat, or laze the day away. Within Crate, you’ll also find an art gallery and a small store attached selling some great Bali based brands.

Bali Interiors love: Of course the Art Gallery – featuring some of the best up and coming artists living on the island (like our own Sheila Man). 

crate cafe Bali Interiors

The Shady Shack – Canggu

Shady Shack Cafe in Canggu is one of the best places to come if you’re after top quality vegetarian and vegan food. It’s breezy, open and full of lush island plant life. The Shady Shack overlooks some of the last remaining rice fields in the center of Canggu, once inside it’s like a little secret hiding place to just sit, eat and escape. 

Bali Interiors love: It’s not a design thing…the vegan choc mousse is all time and you have to try it. 

Bali Interiors- the Shady Shack

Milk and Madu – Berawa

Milk & Madu is one of the most well-known cafes in Bali. It’s a family favorite and serves up some of the best breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings around, not to mention Revolver coffee (some of the best coffee in Bali). There is a new playhouse with a garden for the little ones to enjoy. Its fresh new interiors are clean, open and modern with lots of space, a great atmosphere and good tunes. 

Bali Interiors love: It’s hard to miss the enormous rattan pendant lights. We love the statement these lights make in any room. 

Parachute – Berawa

This restaurant, deli, bakery, bar, vegetable garden and the all-day market spot has become an Instagram phenomenon in Bali thanks to its unique design. On the timber deck, you sit under the massive, repurposed Army parachute where you can enjoy simple and delicious meals from Chef Jacob Burrell, all made from fresh seasonal ingredients. Parachute has a regular organic farmers market, live music, workshop, kids games, and a craft area. 

Bali Interiors love: It’s hard to go past the parachute. This reclaimed army parachute is a show stopper and makes for a great photo backdrop. 

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