Beautiful Canggu Villa Taurus

Imagine the excitement of deciding to build your own Canggu villa! That is exactly how Justine and Andy felt. Long-time travellers to Bali, they had been visiting the Island of the Gods twice a year for many years. 


They usually preferred to stay in private villas. Canggu was one of their favourite holiday destinations. Combined with their love of interiors and landscape gardening (for Justine and Andy respectively),  it was almost inevitable that they began to think about building their own dream villa. Bali had felt like their second home for so long that it was now time to build their own home here.


With a large extended family, and the desire to let everyone have their own space, they knew they would need a large piece of land. In 2018, while on a quick trip to look for land, they struck gold. In their last hour before needing to leave for the airport, they randomly found a shop owner sitting outside his small shop. He told them his family had 20 blocks of land sitting empty in Canggu! Serendipity! 

A few minutes later they were inspecting the land, and 5 minutes after that, they had agreed on a price for a massive plot of 13 ara. Justine and Andy boarded their flight back to Australia that night and immediately started planning.

They wanted to build something really special, so they spent time designing their dream villa. Canggu construction would wait until they had their design perfected. They started building in mid 2019. Foundations were dug and the main structure was built. Everything was going smoothly. One day, they had 32 cement trucks lined up to pour all the cement!


But the world works in mysterious ways, and as we all know, the world as we knew it shut down in March 2020. Likewise their passion project, the newly named Villa Taurus, their dream villa, was also shut down. 


As Bali regulars, Justine and Andy knew they needed to be onsite in order to oversee the construction and keep things on track. So they decided to wait. For 2 whole years, their build site sat empty.


Finally, travel restrictions were lifted and they could fly in and out of Bali whenever they wanted. In April 2022, work restarted and their dream home began to take shape. 

Their Australian interior designer, who began the project, was not able to come to Bali so they needed someone right here in Bali to interpret the designs and add her own touch, using the available resources. The incredible Annie G stepped in and took over the interiors. 



Now able to visit the island whenever they wanted, Justine and Andy were able to oversee the construction of their Canggu villa in person. On their first trip back, they feared the worst as the structure had been untouched for 2 years but they were thrilled to see the condition of their build was still excellent.  



Construction continued and over the next year their home was completed. Justine and Andy refused to take short cuts and chose the best materials and fittings they could find. Navigating their way through dealing with lots of suppliers and tradespeople was challenging, but they had a clear vision of a luxury home that would be perfect for families and friends. 

And the stress and delays were certainly worth it! Villa Taurus is a stunning fusion of colonial, modern, and tropical architectural styles. This exquisite villa boasts five bedrooms, each offering a spacious private room that feels like a retreat. The entrance, characterised by striking black arched glass doors adorned with gold handles and a spiral grand staircase, welcomes guests into a world where old-world elegance meets a tropical vibe.


The interior of Villa Taurus is all about textures and tones, dominated by the rich warmth of rattan and teak wood. There is a limestone backsplash positioned throughout the entire house, providing a natural feel to the living spaces. The neutral beige colour palette creates an inviting atmosphere, allowing the natural beauty to take centre stage. You might think it looks simple, but sometimes the true beauty lies in simplicity! The indoor and outdoor living areas are bordered by a lap pool, ready for you to host a party or just have a get-together with your friends or family.

Villa Taurus stands as a blend of luxurious comfort and tropical charm, where every element is thoughtfully curated to create a home that transcends time and trends. The commitment to a colonial modern tropical aesthetic, combined with the thoughtful use of materials and a keen eye for design, results in a home that is not only visually stunning but also a true escape for those seeking a retreat in the lap of natural beauty.


The blessing ceremony for the official opening was a cathartic experience as they let go of the stresses and delays of building their Canggu villa and were finally able to enjoy this magnificent private villa. Canggu was now their home! 

And now you can experience this incredible villa as it is now available to rent for your stay in Bali. Designed to create the perfect holiday for families and groups of friends, this dream Canggu villa can be yours too!


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Design by Studio Haus Co

Interior Styling by Annie G

Photography and words by Bali Interiors

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