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I had seen photos of Batik before I went to photograph it so I kind of knew was I was about to see. But there’s no doubt I was truly excited about this project.

Batik is even more beautiful in real life than I thought it would be.


Bali Interiors batik-52


I love the feeling I get when I photograph a place and I need a minute to take it all in. Time to take a deep breath and  hope to do it justice.



Batik, as its name suggests, tells the history of Batik and subtly reveals the components and steps to create a batik printed fabric. The restaurant displays the stones and wood that are used to wash the fabrics, the copper stamps, the fabrics and the distinct batik prints from all around Indonesia.


Batik starts before you even go in. A porch with large super comfy rattan chairs and marble top tables greet you as you go up the few stairs. The side vertical gardens add desirable greenery on this colonial deck. Once you enter, the cool air-con is especially welcome as eat street can get really hot while shopping and walking around.


There are three main areas inside the restaurant. The front has large white sofas and white rattan chairs. There are some stunning round brass and glass lights that light each table. On one of the walls you can see the three step process of creating a Batik print. From drawing with the wax and doing the first dying of the fabric to creating a second motif and erasing the original wax.



The restaurant is rather spacious and the reason it’s so bright inside is because of the second room. With a triple height opaque glass ceiling, the light flows in so the whole restaurant is sunlit. The famous fabric lamps resembling paper fire lanterns hang from the ceiling giving you goosebumps when you look up at them. At night the lamps light up the room and seem like they are floating on the ceiling.


They are definitely the central focus of the restaurant and  look magnificent. The second room also hosts a beautiful bar, with a green wall background that contains copper batik stamps from floor to ceiling and also a vertical garden, as well as some more relaxed seating options which are perfect for a drink before dinner.



Upstairs there is a huge dining area with another bar and a balcony. The colonical style continues with tables and rattan chairs of different shape and sizes, as well as different kinds of seating for smaller groups to large groups of people. The whole of the upstairs overlooks the lanterns and thanks to the glass ceiling, is also beautifully lit.



The food at Batik was scrumptious. Their dishes come from Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. Everything we ate was mouth watering and the service was top-notch making Batik not only a feast for the eyes but also a great place to come back again and again.



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