Take a peek at this beautiful Bali villa renovation!

I went to see my friend’s Bali villa post-renovation and it looks amazing!




Last year I visited my friend Lisa‘s home in Kerobokan. She had just finished renovating her house at the time. A 3 bedroom private home called Casa Deia.


When looking through her house, one term came to mind – “’Eclectic Folk”. Casa Deia’s interior is dominated with natural materials such as rattan, teakwood, natural weavings, and lots of plants. ⁠We simply adore this interior style!⁠

The finished Bali villa renovation resulted in an open plan layout, allowing lots of natural light and summer breeze to come in.

casa deia living room interior

A Mediterranean-styled Bali Villa with a home office inside!




Lisa owns a homeware store called Cove Essentials, as well as a clothing line called LILYA. As a business owner, one of her goals is to have a home office to allow her to get inspired and get things done from the comfort of her own oasis. Plus, there’s no morning commute!


She built a studio where she can design her latest fashion items, and come up with new product lines for her store. The studio has a big, beautiful, arch window, allowing so much natural light to come in.


Lisa also built a new deck and connected the garage to the house so she wouldn’t have to worry when the rainy season approaches. 

When she first bought her Bali villa, the exterior and interior was dark brown, so she decided to paint it white to lighten it up. And I’ve got to say, that was an excellent decision! An all-white interior design for a villa in Bali goes really well with any colors or textures. Her living room, for example, is decorated with brown rattan furniture, decorative pillows with fun colors, and lush green indoor plants. These layered and perfected spaces beam with natural light and textural delights.

What we love most about this Bali villa is that it’s positioned quite high up so you have the stunning view of Berawa beach. “So I get to see fireworks or beautiful sunsets all the way from there,” she explains.


When she showed me her bedroom, I was once again in awe, “I love these windows here, it makes my room feel like a Californian-bungalow, perhaps because of the Spanish influence,” she says. These windows overlook her beautiful pool.

cove essentials bali office
casa deia bedroom interior
casa deia home office interior
bali villa bedroom

For the swimming pool, she decided to strip it and start from scratch. She replaced the pool’s dark blue tiles with white terrazzo because she wanted to go for a Mediterranean-styled swimming pool. “Even though I love Bali and I want it to have a Bali-feel, I definitely still wanted a clean, dry look, for the pool,” she says.


For the walls surrounding the pool area, she went with natural stones and concrete. She also planted some grass around it for extra aesthetics. 


Next, she showed us her son’s bedroom. She decided to keep most of the original form. It has a sunken bathroom, which I think is a very cool bathroom design. Villas in Bali don’t always have them.


Honestly, words don’t do Casa Deia justice! I would highly recommend watching the full tour of this beautiful Bali villa as part of season 2 of our video series A Peek in Paradise.

casa deia bali swimming pool
casa deia bali exterior
casa deia villa bali
bali villa coastal interior
casa deia bali outdoor shower
casa deia outdoor area

Photography by Sheila Man for Bali Interiors

Words by Bali Interiors

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