Bali Boate Shed colorful exterior


It’s hard to miss Bali Boat Shed. It’s colorful and distinctive front is reminiscent of the famous Port Phillip Bay foreshore, and has become iconic in Bali shopping.

The exterior is an experience in itself. The array of bright colors and patterns and all the pot plants at the front of each little “hut” makes BBS irresistible and inviting.

The interior, as you would expect, is filled with multi-colored clothing and swimwear for men and women. There is a huge lightbox with hundreds of sunglasses to try on. There is also a beautiful hat display, which doubles as one of the windows.



The beauty of BBS’ interior design reveals itself when you look up. The ceilings have a local flavor with their use of Balinese architecture and materials. Traditional fishing boats hang upside down and are used as a base for a new kind of chandelier, holding funky multi-sized and shaped lightbulbs. On the other ceilings you find carefully-ordered hanging lightbulbs attached with thick rope. The display of paddle boards, all individually hand painted, brings light and color to the store.


The feeling inside Bali Boat Shed is relaxed, surfy and coastal. The change rooms continue the rope and lightbulbs theme and are painted inside with tropical drawings and summery pastels. There are also paddle boards resting against the walls near the big mirrors.  


Bali Boat Shed is a great shopping destination and worth checking out for the interior and exterior design. Just be warned – you probably will end up poorer when you leave than when you walked in the doors!






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