ESCAPE NOMADE – Anneke van Waesberghe



Anneke van Waesberghe is one of the coolest and most stylish people I have ever met. Not only is she utterly cool, her lifestyle is also the most exciting and rebellious I have ever encountered.



Anneke’s house is not really a house. It’s actually a tent. More accurately, a series of tents. She decided she didn’t want to live within the constraints of walls, so she designed a tent- house where the outside is blended with the inside. A home where you could experience the healing ways of camping in nature, but in a more permanent and comfortable way. After seeing how successful she was at living this way, she decided to sell her tents all around the world to resorts and private buyers. From there, her business Escape Nomade was born.



Anneke not only sells and designs the tents, but also everything in them. So her own home is simultaneously a tent-house and a showroom. Anneke’s design esthetic is Ralph Laurent mixed with a bit of Yves Saint Laurent Safari collection. She creates everything that is on display! From the beds and the sofas, to the desks and bathroom basins. The portable tables are perfect for moving from the inside of the tent to the outside. You very own Out of Africa experience. She dresses only in white and her aesthetic is flawless. She lives and breathes the life that she sells, making it impossible not to fall in love with her concept.



The tents that she designs and sells are serious ‘glamping’ tents. They have power points, ceiling fans, pipes in the bathrooms and even air conditioning. I’m talking luxury camping to the max. The chairs and sofas are of the finest wood and rattan. The beds are so inviting and enclosed that your fears of sleeping in a tent in the wilderness will simply melt away. These tents are stylish, comfortable, luxurious and private.



The location of her compound is divine, peaceful and wild. The tents are all on top of a small cliff that overlooks the jungle. The site has access to the Ayung river, with a staircase that enables you to have a beautiful riverside picnic. You are surrounded by jungle and wilderness, and the serenity is palpable.



Raised in the city, I had never considered living in a tent until I visited Escape Nomade. It had me doing the maths in my head of how I too can live this amazing alternative life. Anneke’s way of living is admirable, courageous, inspiring and seriously tempting!





ESCAPE NOMADE – Anneke van Waesberghe

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  1. nelleke van dijk December 11, 2016

    Ziet er heel mooi uit…dat brengt weer herrineringen naar boven aan 3 leuke weken op Bali….

  2. edith mansoor February 4, 2017

    Dag Anneke
    Prachtig boek Living in Bali (vooral je designs and interior) prachtig.
    Ik was op Bali in april 2016. Zo mooi. ik kom graag een keertje terug en je bezoeken
    veel succes edith

  3. Philippine Lugtigheid August 3, 2018

    Found living in Bali long ago. It is so beatiful and inspiring. All the details, wonder full. I never was on Bali. This morning I travelled there: inspiring

    Many greetings

  4. Frank van Waesberghe January 18, 2020

    Leuk je hier nog eens tegen te komen. Op het internet heb ik gelezen dat je moeder een jaar geleden is overleden. Mijn medeleven. Zij was een bijzondere aardige vrouw. Je zult haar wel missen. Riek is nu 6 jaar geleden van mij heengegaan. Ik mis haar nog dagelijks.


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