Yucca Villas – What dreams are made of

 After I saw some photos, I was super excited to see Yucca Villas in person. When I see a peek of a place that looks like it has potential, I get butterflies in my tummy. And most of the time, my instincts don’t fail me.

It’s not easy to execute a vision here in Bali. Yes, you can do anything here. Yes, there is so much you can do for a fraction of the price compared to other places. Yes, we have great materials at our fingertips. But…. achieving your exact vision is not easy. And to achieve it with such perfection and grace, let me tell you, that is very rare.

I was certainly impressed. First of all, the style is beautiful. It’s very current, I’m not even sure what the name of this kind of style is. Lets’ just call it “Conscious Raw Luxury”. And why is that? The villas have that raw feeling. The materials used, the minimalist interiors, the luxury of the accessories and accents. Everything has been chosen with care and attention. The villas are perfection. So beautiful.

Let’s move onto the interiors. There are two villas next to each other. One is a one-bedroom villa and the other one is a two-bedroom villa. Both exquisite. The two-bedroom villa has a master bedroom with a larger bathroom. I spent one whole hour photographing this bathroom. Its super minimal but the play of light and shadow is completely mesmerising. The bedroom is large, minimally decorated, but with a stunning Ikat fabric wall hanging that adds the perfect juxtaposition of drama to the restrained interiors. It contains superb large wardrobes – something lacking in so many of the Bali villas. The concrete bedframe is soft to the eye and plays with the textured floors and rough texture of the bedside pendant lights. The huge windows bring the outdoors in and create a full holiday experience.

The outdoor area is an experience on itself. The breathtaking pool design with a white concrete bridge and the wooden arch door is like a painting. So simple, but so beautiful. The curves, the colours, the textures. Designed to perfection.

The outdoors has a sunken living-room space, an outdoor kitchen and a dining table.

The one-bedroom villa consists of two levels. On the upper level, you find the bed, the bathroom and closet. On the lower level, there is a living space and an indoor kitchen. The beautiful glass doors open up to the outdoor space, again with its own stunning pool and beautiful wooden arch door. The outdoor area has another living room space, a dining space and a swing.

The bedroom is so spacious and beautiful. The one-bedroom villa would be perfect for honeymooners and couples in general or singles wanting some privacy and me-time.

Yucca villas have set the standards high on what to expect in a short-term rental villa. Savvy travellers and digital nomads expect a lot more these days when they book a location. Cookie-cutter, stock standard villas are not enough these days. Travellers want an experience, top notch accommodation with stunning interiors and exteriors from our dreams. And Yucca villas makes that dream a reality.


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Words and Photography by Sheila Man
Designed by Homeboys Projects


Karina Silvester May 19, 2021 - 3:27 am

Stunning I love the simplicity

baliinteriors May 19, 2021 - 10:15 am

Thanks Karina!

Didien Orme May 23, 2021 - 6:17 pm

So gorgeous of blending together Mediterranean and modern coastal with Balinese vibe.
Outdoor area is so beautiful to look at from the inside.
Love to stay here when we go to Bali one day.

baliinteriors June 1, 2021 - 9:53 am

Simply gorgeous, isn’t it!

Jessica Rodriguez May 30, 2023 - 8:44 am

Absolutely beautiful! May I ask what used to give the concrete flooring it’s beautiful color and texture?

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