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Born in Argentina to two exceptionally creative parents—an artist/fashion designer and an architect/interior designer—I've been immersed in the world of art and culture from the very beginning. My upbringing laid the foundation for my lifelong passion for all things creative. At the age of 17, I experienced a life-changing moment when I fell in love. By 18, I had the courage to follow my heart, leading me across the globe to the captivating landscapes of Australia. In the vibrant city of Sydney, I pursued my formal education in fashion design, gaining invaluable insights while working with renowned labels. Although my time in the fashion industry was rewarding, I yearned for the independence to chart my own creative course. This desire led me to pivot towards jewellery and accessory design, where I eventually established my own brand. My journey took me even farther, to the enchanting island of Bali. Seven years ago, I made the bold move to Bali and embarked on the remarkable journey of founding Bali Interiors. What began as a personal project transformed into a dynamic, multidimensional media platform that celebrates and showcases the pinnacle of architectural and interior design in Bali. Through captivating visuals and engaging storytelling, Bali Interiors brings to life the essence of Bali's vibrant design culture. But we didn't stop there. Bali Interiors has expanded beyond the digital realm to bridge the gap between virtual admiration and real-world experience. We're proud to host interior and design retreats that allow enthusiasts and connoisseurs to immerse themselves in the beauty and innovation that defines Bali's interiors. Bali's magical essence encourages collaboration and fuels creativity, offering an environment where dreams can flourish. I feel immensely fortunate for the extraordinary opportunities this island has bestowed upon me. My journey has been a blend of hard work, continuous learning, and a sprinkle of serendipity, all of which have enabled me to turn my passion for beauty—be it in fashion, accessories, architecture, or design—into my dream profession. Every day, I wake up grateful for the path that led me to this point. It may not always be glamorous, but I often find myself pinching myself at the blessings I've received on this creative journey. As we continue to grow and evolve, I'm excited to see where this creative path leads next.


You can check my photography portfolio here.

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