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I was born in Argentina to 2 very creative parents: an artist/fashion designer, and an architect/interior designer. My parents instilled a love of art and culture in me, and I was always drawn towards creative pursuits. At 17, I fell in love. At 18, I followed my heart to Australia.

I studied fashion design in Sydney and worked for a number of well-known labels. I loved the experience and learnt valuable real-world skills, but I wanted to be my own boss. I moved into jewellery and accessory design and began my own brand.

I produced some of my jewellery line in Bali, and spent a lot of time in Canggu, which was a sleepy coastal village at that time. I loved my time in Bali and it was an easy decision to bring my family over for a sabbatical. I soon realised that Bali is home to some amazing design. The combination of talented local artisans, a tropical climate that attracts designers from all over the world, and affordable construction costs allows designers to let their creativity run wild.

Armed only with my old iPhone, I began documenting the gorgeous design around me. I decided to showcase it, and, hey presto, Bali Interiors was born! My previously empty days were now spent scouting and shooting new venues, while evenings were devoted to upskilling myself on using newly-bought camera gear and editing software. My relaxing year abroad soon felt like an intensive course in how to be a photographer.

I had found my passion! My love of all things beautiful – fashion, accessories, architecture and design – has led to my dream job, photographer.

Bali is a magical island that encourages collaboration and creativity. I am incredibly grateful for the tremendous opportunities that it has provided me. Lots of hard work learning new skills (and a little luck along the way) has allowed me to create a new life. It’s not always glamourous but I often pinch myself at how blessed I am.


You can check my photography portfolio here.

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