A Tropical Garden: An Oasis In the midst of the Island of the Gods

It’s no surprise that our love affair for the island and its colorful culture is translating into the design aesthetic of our homes, this includes all the tropical gardens from the suburban houses to beautiful villas.

A garden is never finished: it is a continuous work that infuses an outdoor space with architectural features to instil balance between home and garden.

What is Bali without a frangipanis on every corner? From the suburban house to beautiful villas, the frangipani has become one of the essential features of Bali’s tropical landscape.

They are planted at temples to provide flowers for the priests and people to offer to the gods; at homes and restaurants for added decoration; and even along the sidewalk! Frangipani trees are mostly small, but in Bali, some frangipani trees grow amazing heights.

Mandala Home- Bali Interiors

Bali’s weather has always been warm and summery through out the year. More than swimming in the warm ocean or curling up with a book under an umbrella’s shade with our toes in the sand, we love the ritual of showering in the open air.

These open shower are a luxury item that can be done without significant extra cost. Whether you’re interested in bathing outside for sensual or practical reasons, an outdoor shower can be simple or extremely elaborate.

An outdoor shower can be designed to suit any style. If you want something contemporary, try a combination of wood and stainless steel. For modern and minimalist, you can use white tiles and plant some Cordyline Australis in the corner with Peace Lily like Fella Villa has done to create a simple clean design without losing the tropical vibe in your outdoor shower.

Get amongst the greenery with this tropical stone shower. Set atop a lawn with a pebble-lined platform, you can literally smell the freshness from the surrounding flora.

Tropical gardens are all about creating contrast. Here, a formal pathway made from Basalt stones is flanked by the unruly foliage of tall palms and other tropical plants.

Garden pathways and alleys are usually envisioned for organizational purposes, to get from one point to another in the easiest possible way, but it won’t hurt anyone to have a resort-style garden where every day feels like a holiday.

Little details from striking palms, bougainvillea, frangipani or other flowering plants surrounding the pool allow you to enjoy a luxurious staycation and host family and friends over the weekend.

All over the world, when people think of tropical environments, they think of paradise. It evokes rich, nourishing, peaceful spaces, where humans commune with luscious trees and foliage. This is why people all over the world have fallen in love with tropical landscape design. For those of us who live in Bali, this is our year-round paradise!

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