Bungalow Living draws you in. The side statues with their orange dandelion necklaces, the baskets, the wooden couch, all whisper sweet music to my ears. As soon as I come in, the first thing I see in front of me is a gorgeous round table with an open book, a little statue, a candle, a beautiful vase with gorgeous flowers. The table is right in the middle of a white mandala that has been painted on the concrete floor. Most walls are exposed brick, except for the front one which is made out of concrete.


Everything is so well thought out, so beautifully styled. It's magic.



Bungalow living is the sort of place that makes you wish you had a new house that needed all sort of new soft furnishing. You would purchase all sorts of pillows, blankets, beautiful round rugs, and little knick knacks to decorate your dream home and some incense to add a wonderful smell. Bungalow Living makes a lot of their own products, including notebooks, wrapping paper, cushion covers and lamps among other things. They source the rest of the products from all over the world, from India to Morocco to Africa and different parts of Indonesia.



Bungalow has become kind of an institution in Bali as they not only do retail but also wholesale.

Now the only question is, should I move house or start a shop?




Jl Pantai Berala 35A


Tel: 0361 844 6567


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